Candid. coordinated. maximized.

Harvesting the value of your company is critical whether you are adding partners or selling your company. Sophisticated buyers are adept at chopping your value between the time they promise you the moon and actually close a deal. What starts as a promising opportunity can quickly turn into a strained disappointment, often for reasons that can be prevented with preparation.

Preparing for investors or buyers is imperative if you want to protect or harvest your full value. Our team has helped numerous organizations transform and maximize their valuations. We provide an independent, candid review of your current situation and create actionable pathways to build and defend your highest value.

Our team works hand in glove with your other advisors to ensure any plans address your full situation. Our extensive experience operating companies enables us to contribute a perspective that complements other specialists. Most importantly, once a plan is established, we can jump in and help your team accelerate reaching your new targets.

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