Rectify Partners is a team of seasoned executives, surrounded by an ecosystem of professionals and expertise. We have run startups, led turnarounds and scaled companies in a variety of industries.

Our professionals have led small companies, rapidly growing companies and even large divisions with over $8 billion in revenues.

We have the battle-tested scars and experience that matter when you need seasoned talent.


We founded Rectify Partners because we saw companies stalled at the crossroads of growth and knew we could help.

We love working with business owners who believe in their potential, but need a fresh perspective and an extra set of hands to get there.

We are passionate about using our diverse experience to help mid-market businesses in our region achieve their best possible success. 

We exist to help you leap from surviving, to thriving, to leading.    


  • We are hands-on partners, not detached consultants.

  • We roll up our sleeves and join your team, where you need us, when you need us.

  • Wherever you are in your business cycle, we’ve been there and can help implement personalized solutions.

  • We stand ready as guides, leaders and teammates so your business can address and overcome any challenge. 

  • We don’t tell you where to go, we help you get there. 


When you partner with Rectify, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all advising. We take a personalized approach to help you navigate the crossroads of your business.  

Our two-step discovery process starts with two complimentary consultations. One to meet you and two, a deeper dive to assess your needs.

We then provide you with flexible options, a fresh perspective and our hands-on support to help you succeed.  

  • Flexible proposal options 

  • Adaptable, affordable fee structure  

  • Performance-based compensation options 

  • Proven, on-demand partners

  • Boots on the ground leadership 

  • Action plans and implementation support, each step of the way