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"We hired Rectify Partners to come in and lead our organization in a time of transition.  They quickly built relationships with our leadership team and helped us chart a path for continued success and growth over an 18-month period.  Not only did this galvanize our team to perform well in our business and for our clients, it set us up for the chapter of ProService Boise so that we can continue to grow and thrive in the Treasure Valley!"

Mac Harman, Chairman, ProService Boise

It's an honor to work with such experienced, professional and driven people. The team at Rectify Partners get things done and I would recommend them as an outsourced C-Suite without hesitation. Besides their professionalism and pedigree, the team consists of good people that I trust and enjoy working with.

-Nicolas Kawaguchi, Co-Founder/COO, SMHeuristics

"We had the opportunity to work with Rectify Partners and were pleased with the professionalism of their team. They assisted us with a new company acquisition and ensured a seamless and smooth transition. They are fantastic to work with and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

Simer S. Mayo, CEO, Valor Global  

"Rectify Partners has exceeded my expectations in providing immediate value to our organization in scaling revenue, insight into opportunities and increasing scale in real time. They provide straightforward vision while being extremely focused on results, driving efficiencies and helping our business win now and thrive. The quality of people they brought to our team is second to none and provide a friendly approach to managing our organizational improvements and workplace environment."

Jason Peterson, Senior Business Development Manager, MyDea Marketing

"Working with Rectify Partners was a great and seamless experience for Virtual IT.  The whole Rectify Team was wonderful to work with. They were a driving force to get goals set, strategic initiatives launched, Business and IT systems and processes configured and rolled out. They literally TRANSFORMED the business and mentored as they went. Working with them was enjoyable and very productive for the company we were both helping. They are great strategic partners!"

- Tavis Reche, CEO-Founder

"Being a local HR Leader, I wanted to share my thanks to Rectify Partners for coming into a troubled situation/work environment and bringing the level of proven professionalism from an interim Executive CEO Mick Wiskerchen. Mick brought well thought out plans and solutions to our team members who all work cross functionally and helped us solve challenges rapidly and; in a constructive manner. Rectify Partners is a very thoughtful team, that knows what to do and how to turn obstacles into opportunities.  They keep it simple and engaging while they wrap around your team, in a way that is seamless and most importantly, just effective. It has been amazing; the business results they can bring in such a short manner of time. Their processes, people and technology expertise that they bring work, it is based on best practices backed up with top resources. Rectify Partners brings growth, opportunities and fun back into the workplace. Appreciate Mick and team, we are Rectify Partner fans!"

Simone, HR Director

"Wow, partnering with Rectify Partners has been a fantastic experience, I would highly recommend it. Being in charge of a high demand and transactional Client driven business, brings both tactical and strategic challenges and obstacles every day to get to the next level. Rectify Partners and Mick bring the level of knowledge, processes, calmness and a methodology that allows their team to wrap around ours and execute like we have never done before. They have personally mentored, coached and educated us all in real time, allowing us to be successful again and thrive. Rectify Partners brings confidence and the experience to truly make a difference to scale aggressively and put a plan in place we all can execute to. I would highly recommend Rectify Partners to anyone that has cross functional business challenges that want those resolved now. We were also fortunate enough to have Aubrey working with us and her project management skills are incredible. During our IT transitions and business ownership transition, she was extremely helpful keeping us organized and focused on following up on our tasks. So most importantly, you can scale and or grow at the pace that works for you. It was a blast to have them part of our team, buckle up!"

-Brian Haff, Operations Director